Fort Oranje 

You probably know Fort Oranje from stories about crime, prostitution and crooked enforcement. You could almost forget that there are also a lot of people living and staying who can not go anywhere.

 Just a short history: Fort Oranje, a four-star campsite, was established in the early 1970s and is located in Rijsbergen, a small village near Breda. The camp was a Dutch paradise, where people celebrated their holidays and where some, even for a number of years, lived permanently. It had five swimming pools, a large disco and a lot of smiling holidaymakers. Since 2009 the camp site has often been negative in the media related to crime and it suddenly seems to be one of the most notorious campsites in the Netherlands. A few weeks ago the municipality of Zundert decided to close the campsite permanently because of criminal activities and deplorable living conditions. In a year, all residents (a lot of Romanian and Bulgarian refugees) must leave. Owner Cees Engel is considering taking legal action against the municipality of Zundert to get the campsite back.